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top 10 bestselling autoflowers of 2023

Kings Seedbank Top 10 Bestselling Autoflowers of 2023

Lets expolore the top ten bestselling autoflowers of 2023 at Kings Seedbank. 2023 was an incredible year for the cannabis industry, with top breeders introducing new and groundbreaking autoflowering cannabis seeds. After carefully analyzing our sales records, we are thrilled to present to you the top 10 bestselling automatic cannabis seeds of 2023.

Have you had the chance to experience any of these remarkable strains? Or perhaps there are some that you’re eager to try? Explore this collection of popular autoflowering cannabis strains and discover the wonders they hold.

1.) Pro Auto Mix From Seed Stockers

pro auto mix from seedstockers.png

Pro Auto Mix has four of the classic and proven strains from Seed Stockers collection. White Widow, Northern Lights, Big Bud and BCN Critical XXL.

No woder these were our bestselling autoflowers of 2023 

Gorilla Cookies Auto Fastbuds

Gorilla Cookies Auto, a prime selection from King’s Seedbank, boasts a remarkable 28% THC level, ensuring a potent and exhilarating experience.

This well-balanced hybrid delights with its complex flavour profile, blending Kush, earthy mint, and sweet notes reminiscent of freshly baked cookies.

It’s renowned for its generous yield, producing dense, resinous buds with impressive trichome production, perfect for both novice and commercial cultivators.

bcn-critical-xxl-autoflower from seed stockers


BCN Critical XXL, a hybrid of (Kritikal Bilbo X Critical Mas) X Auto Critical Mas, is a trusted auto-flowering strain known for its reliable and heavy yields.

It has a grow time of approximately 75 days from seed to harvest indoors, thriving under 20 or 24 hours of daily light.

The strain produces large, sticky, frost-coated buds with a distinct aromatic smell and hints of citrus.

It’s easy to grow, offering generous harvests and a high-quality smoking experience.

big-bud-auto_from seedstockers

Big Bud Auto, part of Seedstockers’ collection, is an XXL auto-flowering strain with immense growth potential, derived from (Afghani X Skunk) X Auto Magnum genetics.

It boasts high THC levels of 22% or more, with its XXL harvests being a major highlight.

This variety excels indoors across different grow systems, achieving maximal yields in hydroponic setups.

A single plant can yield several hundred grams of dry bud. It’s also an excellent option for outdoor auto growers, offering both substantial harvests and high-quality smoke for indoor cultivators.

purple lemonade auto from fast buds

Purple Lemonade Auto, developed by Fast Buds, is an advanced Indica-leaning hybrid created from a mix of purple and citrus Cali genetics with Fast Buds’ autoflowering genetics.

This strain offers a unique high, combining subtle Sativa effects and a gentle body-stone sensation, ideal for both day and evening use.

It features approximately 22% THC and delivers flavours that blend zesty citrus with a strong sugary sweetness, making it perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

amnesia-autoflower cannabis plant



Amnesia Auto from Seedstockers is an easy-to-grow auto strain, ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, with heavy yields and high THC content (23%).

It excels under 20 hours of daily light and takes about 11 weeks from seed to harvest.

Suitable for all growers, this variety can produce several hundred grams per plant, especially in optimal hydroponic conditions, and is known for its potent Haze smoke and impressive yields.

buy cherry cheesecake auto cannabis seeds UK

Cherry Cheesecake Auto by TasteBudz is an Indica-dominant strain, crafted from Cherry Pie, Cannacotta, and Purple Punch genetics.

This high-yielding hybrid flowers in about 8-9 weeks, capable of producing up to 650 grams/m2.

It features a creamy, tangy cheesecake dessert flavour with a potent THC level of 25%, offering a delightful combination of dessert-like taste and strong effects.

superfast auto from big head seeds

Superfast Auto from Big Head Seeds is a potent, Indica-dominant autoflowering hybrid, created by crossing Bighead’s Critical with top-secret genetics and Ruderalis.

This fast-growing strain takes just 7 weeks (49 days) from germination to harvest.

It produces robust, compact, and low-maintenance plants, reaching up to 80cm/30 inches in height.

Superfast Auto is known for its fragrant, fruity, crystal-coated buds that offer a balanced mind and body high, making it an ideal choice for those seeking speed and strength in their grow.

white-widow-auto from seed stockers

White Widow autoflower is an excellent choice for growers seeking maximum potency and above-average yields.

It’s an easy-to-grow strain, suitable for any indoor or outdoor system.

The buds are heavily coated in white resin, extending to the leaves, with an aroma significantly stronger than average, necessitating quality carbon filters for indoor cultivation.

This strain offers a powerful high, ideal for experienced users, and combines ease of cultivation with exceptional smoke quality.

northern-lights-auto seedstockers




Northern Lights autoflower is a well-established strain, known for its XXL harvests and appealing to those seeking a straightforward, potent Indica.

With high THC levels over 22%, it delivers a strong, sedating, and relaxing effect, characterized by a potent body stone.

Ideal for both medical and recreational growers, this strain offers a long-lasting high with a powerful and pleasing feel-good effect.

As we wrap up our exploration of the top 10 best-selling autoflowers of 2023, it’s clear that this year has been a remarkable showcase of potent, high-yielding, and flavour-rich strains.

From the potent and quick-harvesting Superfast Auto to the sedative and robust Northern Lights autoflower, each strain has demonstrated unique characteristics and benefits, appealing to a wide range of growers and cannabis enthusiasts.

Have you had the chance to experience these top-tier autoflowers yet? If not, we highly encourage you to add them to your cart and discover why they’ve been the favourites this year.

Whether you’re a seasoned cultivator or a curious beginner, these strains represent the pinnacle of autoflowering cannabis genetics in 2023. Autoflowers can usually be cultivated indoors or outdoors. However, some varieties are more mold-resistant and therefore preferred for outdoor cultivation. These outdoor autoflowers are specifically adapted to handle varying environmental conditions, making them ideal for outdoor cultivation. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the best that this year has had to offer!

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