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Green Poison Auto From Sweet Seeds


This particular autoflowering strain belongs to the 3rd generation. It is a hybrid that emerged from the combination of a carefully chosen Big Devil #2 Auto® strain and our esteemed Green Poison® elite clone. Anticipate generous yields within an 8-week timeframe, accompanied by a delightful fruity and sweet taste profile.

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GREEN_POISON_AUTO from sweet seedsGREEN_POISON_AUTO from sweet seeds
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The lineage of Green Poison Auto can be traced back to the combination of Big Devil #2 and the Green Poison variety. Extensive breeding sessions were conducted to achieve the final desired result. Green Poison Auto has garnered numerous accolades and is expected to leave a lasting impact on future generations. Let us now explore the essence of Green Poison Auto.

The smoke of this strain offers a delightful and fruity sweetness, while the aromas are remarkably intense, capable of penetrating even thick barriers. Although that statement may appear exaggerated, the intensity of the aromas is undeniable. For those who wish to avoid attracting attention in public spaces, it is advisable to either select a different strain or take precautions such as enclosing Green Poison Auto in multiple layers of plastic along with coffee. This indica variety induces a sedative effect, making it perfect for those seeking relaxation on a couch and possibly dozing off while watching a mediocre film. The consumption of Green Poison Auto also brings about a sense of happiness and tranquility.

One notable characteristic of Green Poison Auto is its autoflowering nature, which significantly shortens its life cycle to a mere 8 weeks, from seed to harvest.

GREEN_POISON_AUTO from sweet seeds

Green Poison Auto is distinct from Green Poison due to the incorporation of genetics from other cultivars, resulting in a unique strain. Despite this, it still maintains the essence of the original plant in its compact stature.

The expected yields for growers range from 35-200g per plant. This suggests that the strain may possess some instability, or that the grower’s expertise significantly influences the outcome. Regardless, she is an appealing strain, offering dense and aromatic buds.

Green Poison Auto Strain Information






-Indoor Yield:400-550 g/m²

-Outdoor Yield:35-200 g/plant

-Indoor/Outdoor Harvest:8 weeks from germination

-Height:60-100 cm

-Effects:Relaxing, Happiness, Psychoactive, Stimulating

-Taste:Skunk, Fruity, Earthy, Cheese, Sweet

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Additional information

Breeders: No selection

Sweet Seeds

CBD Content: No selection

Low 0-1%

Environment: No selection

Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor

Flowering Time: No selection

8 Weeks

Flowering Type: No selection


Genetics: No selection


Height: No selection


Seeds Per Pack: No selection

3, 5

THC Content: No selection

High 15-20%

Yield: No selection


Medicinal: No selection



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