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Showing all 42 results

Buy Barney’s Farm Cannabis Seeds at Kings Seedbank

Barney’s Farm Cannabis Seeds have earned an impressive reputation as the best cannabis seed business in the world.

Founder Derry is known throughout the seed industry as a dedicated breeder with over 20 years experience breeding and cultivating some of the best marijuana strains available today.

He was so successful at Barney’s Coffee Shop that he began to supply seeds to other coffee shops in Amsterdam.

Within only a few years, demand from outside of Holland forced him to expand both Barney’s Coffee Shop and Barney’s Farm Seeds.

It soon became apparent that his collection of high-quality cannabis seeds needed a permanent home, so Derry left Barney’s coffee company in 2008 to create his own cannabis seed bank.

Here you can buy from the UK, Barneys Farm Cannabis Seeds with confidence.

Kings Seedbank sells seeds as souvenirs only and are not for germination.

You can choose from a variety of Barneys farm bestsellers including cup winners, feminised and auto flowering cannabis seeds.

Barneys Farm at Kings Seedbank