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Showing 1–15 of 19 results

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In 1996, Growers Choice began growing their beloved plant as a hobby and received guidance from a well-known breeder who taught us how to blend strains and select the best ones.

Our passion for growing and breeding continued to grow as we experimented and gained knowledge. Soon, we began feminizing our own strains and making seeds for other companies.

However, in 2011, we decided to focus on our own brand and stopped making seeds for others. Growers Choice was born, and our team expanded to include experienced growers with professional horticulture backgrounds.

Today, we offer a variety of super genetics and are one of the fastest growing seed companies in Europe. We hope to bring a smile to the faces of growers worldwide with our exceptional strains. If you’re looking to buy Growers Choice, look no further!

You can choose from their unique feminised or autoflowering cannabis seeds and seed packs contain 5 Cannabis Seeds.

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