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Why Buy Sweet Seeds Cannabis Seeds

Sweet Seeds® has been a trusted seed bank for over 15 years, offering nearly 90 varieties of cannabis seeds, many of which have become classics in the industry.

With a strong presence in the international market and a commitment to quality, Sweet Seeds® is one of the oldest seed banks in the industry.

The founders of Sweet Seeds® were passionate collectors of marijuana genetics before starting the company, and this passion drives their constant innovation and search for new products.

They were pioneers in the evolution of autoflowering seeds and introduced the world’s first ultrafast flowering seeds, F1 Fast Version in 2013 which was a world first.

Sweet Seeds® offers a comprehensive catalogue of products, including “Super Strong” US genetics, CBD, The Red Family, autoflowering and photoperiod-dependent strains, F1 FV®, and more, making it the perfect choice for both experts and beginners.

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