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King Louis Garcia From Growers Choice


 King Louis Garcia is an exceptional painkiller with THC Levels over 30%! This Cali hybrid brings a numbing sensation from its indica parentage whilst creating an uplifting effect from its Sativa Lineage. Taste its earthy lemon Kush flavour coupled with the sweet, candy like notes from Garcia Cherry. 

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king_louis_garcia from growers choiceking_louis_garcia from growers choice
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Introducing the remarkable King Louis Garcia, also known as king gar see ya! This exceptional strain is a masterful fusion of the beloved king louis and the renowned cherry garcia.

Our Canadian associate embarked on this project, carefully selecting a phenomenal pheno of the king louis and graciously orchestrating the union.

During the discussions, we seized the opportunity to introduce a male clone of the original cherry gar see ya into the mix. Swiftly thereafter, they married and gave birth to a new generation.

The king louis strain, a potent combination of OG kush and LA confidential, is widely recognized for its formidable impact. Prepare to experience the extraordinary king louis garcia firsthand!

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Renowned among medical users as an exceptional pain-reliever, it induces a numbing sensation that effectively immobilizes the body. In contrast, the Cherry Garcia strain delivers an invigorating and energetic high, lifting spirits and inducing smiles.

Moreover, Cherry Garcia offers the added advantage of its delightful flavour profile. While King Louis boasts a spicy, earthy lemon and kush taste, Cherry Garcia complements it with fruity, sweet, and candy-like notes. This intricate blend of terpenes creates a truly complex smoking experience.

Despite its predominantly indica genetics, this strain grows as a well-balanced 50/50 hybrid. Its bushy stature, adorned with abundant buds and a substantial main cola, makes it ideal for topping and low-stress training techniques.

Additionally, it exhibits exceptional resilience, withstanding various forms of stress. With the right cultivation techniques and nutrients, the King Louis Garcia strain delivers an above-average yield. Try it today and discover the extraordinary benefits of this exceptional strain.

Buy King Luis Garcia cannabis seeds UK from Kings Seedbank as souvenirs, storage and for genetic preservation.

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Breeders: No selection

Growers Choice

CBD Content: No selection

Low 0-1%

Environment: No selection

Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor

Flowering Time: No selection

8 Weeks

Flowering Type: No selection


Genetics: No selection

Mainly Indica

Height: No selection


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10, 3, 5

Sex: No selection


THC Content: No selection

Extreme Over 30%

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