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Gorilla Cookies Auto From Fast Buds – 28% THC – Indoor Yield 650gm/2


Award Winning Gorilla Cookies Auto features a potent 28% THC, offering a rich blend of kush and sweet cookie flavours. It’s known for its high yield and dense, resin-coated buds, ideal for both new and experienced growers.

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Gorilla Cookies Auto FastbudsGorilla Cookies Auto Fastbuds
Gorilla Cookies Auto From Fast Buds - 28% THC - Indoor Yield 650gm/2 £11.50£88.50
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King’s Seedbank proudly heralds a new pinnacle in our cannabis cultivation journey. The illustrious Gorilla Cookies Auto from Fastbuds, is their flagship and most decorated variety, that has undergone a transformative evolution. The year 2022 marked a milestone as this strain ascended to the zenith of our collection, emerging as the most formidable and prolific variety we offer.

This auto-flowering marvel represents an unparalleled fusion of our elite auto-flowering genetics, setting a new standard in potency with an astounding 28.5% THC content. Gorilla Cookies Auto embodies the quintessential attributes of its progenitors, positioning itself as an indispensable asset for cultivators of all calibers.

Boasting a harmonious blend of Sativa and Indica traits, this strain exhibits exceptional adaptability, thriving with equal vigor in both indoor and outdoor environments. Its resilience and reliability are unmatched, making it a versatile choice for diverse growing conditions.

Notably, Gorilla Cookies Auto is a prodigious yielder, rendering it an ideal selection for both hobbyists and large-scale commercial operations. This strain is characterized by its ability to produce up to 650 grams per square meter of exceptionally dense, golf-ball-sized buds.

As the flowering phase progresses, the remarkable THC levels catalyze an extraordinary resin production. The buds of this strain are transformed, acquiring a near-white appearance, densely coated in trichomes, a testament to its potency and quality.

Gorilla Cookies Auto stands as a paramount choice for various cannabis extractions. The sheer quantity and superior quality of its resin, coupled with its distinct and captivating aroma, make it a lucrative option for connoisseurs and producers alike.

In summary, Gorilla Cookies Auto, with its unparalleled potency, yield, and flavor profile, not only continues to be a cornerstone of our cataloge but also a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in cannabis cultivation.

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Gorilla Cookies Auto Bud Description

Bud Profile: Gorilla Cookies

In the realm of cannabis cultivation, Gorilla Cookies stands as a majestic marvel, a testament to the art of breeding. This strain flourishes, producing buds of extraordinary size and density, a spectacle of horticultural excellence. Each bud is a masterpiece, showcasing an exquisite blend of deep and light green hues, artfully adorned with vibrant orange pistils. This striking color palette lends Gorilla Cookies an exceptional visual allure, making it a standout in any collection.

But the true splendor of Gorilla Cookies lies in its remarkable trichome production. As soon as flowering commences, this strain embarks on a prolific resin-producing journey. By the time harvest approaches, each bud is cloaked in a lavish layer of trichomes, lending them an almost ethereal appearance. The frosty coating not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also signifies the potent and rich experience that Gorilla Cookies offers.

In essence, Gorilla Cookies is more than just a strain; it’s a visual and sensory delight, embodying the pinnacle of our breeding endeavors at King’s Seedbank.

gorilla cookies automatic trichomes close up

Smoke Report

Smoke Experience: Gorilla Cookies

In the pantheon of hybrid strains, Gorilla Cookies asserts itself as a balanced masterpiece, offering an experience that is as profound as it is delightful. The journey begins with an invigorating cerebral onset, a rush that elevates the mind into a state of euphoria and spontaneous laughter. This initial wave is more than just uplifting; it’s a celebration of joy and lightness, perfect for lifting spirits and inspiring a positive outlook.

As the experience unfolds, Gorilla Cookies gracefully transitions into a potent physical relaxation. This soothing wave washes over you, noticeably manifesting around the eyes and face, a signature trait of this majestic strain. It’s a relaxation that’s all-encompassing, yet never overwhelming, allowing you to find comfort and tranquility in any setting.

This strain is particularly renowned for its synergetic high, a harmonious blend of mental stimulation and physical ease. It’s an ideal companion for unwinding at the end of a long day, a reliable ally in seeking solace from the day’s labors.

In essence, Gorilla Cookies offers a holistic and balanced experience, embodying the essence of what a perfectly crafted hybrid should be. At King’s Seedbank, we take pride in this strain’s ability to provide a comprehensive and deeply satisfying experience, tailored for moments of relaxation and reflective joy.

Plant Description

Gorilla Cookies auto emerges as a horticultural champion in the gardens of King’s Seedbank, epitomizing the ideal growth traits sought after by cultivators. This strain boasts a stout and bushy stature, typically reaching up to 150cm in height. Its form is both compact and vigorous, displaying wide internodal spacing that speaks to its robust genetic lineage.

One of the most striking features of Gorilla Cookies is its architectural beauty. The plant develops a formidable main cola, flanked by robust side branches that radiate strength and vitality. This natural structure, requiring minimal intervention, is a testament to the strain’s hardy and self-sufficient nature.

In terms of yield, Gorilla Cookies stands at the zenith of productivity. Capable of producing up to an impressive 650 grams per square meter, this strain ranks amongst the most bountiful in our collection. Such a yield is achieved in a mere 10 weeks, a remarkable turnaround for a yield of this magnitude.

As the flowering stage progresses, observers and cultivators alike can’t help but marvel at the extraordinary trichome production. This phenomenon becomes particularly pronounced in the final weeks of maturation. The buds transform, becoming heavily laden with resin, their appearance shifting to a snowy white. This visual transformation is accompanied by an intoxicating aroma, a blend of sweet cookies and sharp gas, making Gorilla Cookies a sensory delight.

In summary, Gorilla Cookies is not just a plant; it’s a spectacle of cannabis cultivation, combining aesthetic beauty, robust growth, and exceptional yield. It’s a strain that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of both the hobbyist and the commercial grower.

Grow Tips

Gorilla Cookies Auto, a jewel in the King’s Seedbank collection, flourishes in an environment that strikes a delicate balance between efficient drainage and adequate moisture retention. We advocate for a soil composition that integrates coco coir, perlite, and worm castings. This blend not only enhances drainage but also optimizes nutrient absorption, setting the stage for robust growth.

This strain exhibits its full potential when nurtured within a specific temperature range. During daylight hours, maintaining a cozy climate between 23-26°C is ideal, while a slightly cooler ambiance of 18-22°C during the night encourages optimal development. Adhering to these temperature guidelines is crucial for fostering healthy growth and maximizing yields.

Illumination plays a pivotal role in the cultivation of Gorilla Cookies Auto. We highly recommend employing full-spectrum LED lighting, renowned for its efficiency and effectiveness. Keeping these lights on for an 18-20 hour cycle daily will ensure your plants receive the energy they need. During the vegetative stage, the focus should be on providing nitrogen-rich nutrients to support vigorous growth. As the plant transitions to the flowering stage, a shift towards a bloom nutrient formula enriched with phosphorus and potassium is advisable.

To further enhance yields and structural integrity, we endorse the use of low-stress training methods such as LST (Low-Stress Training) and SCROG (Screen of Green). These techniques are instrumental in encouraging the development of multiple colas, thereby boosting the overall yield.

Vigilance against pests and diseases is paramount in cannabis cultivation. Natural pest control methods, like neem oil or insecticidal soap, are effective in managing infestations. Additionally, maintaining proper air circulation and humidity control within your grow space is critical for preventing mold and other fungal diseases.

In summary, nurturing Gorilla Cookies Auto requires a harmonious blend of specific soil conditions, temperature management, precise lighting, nutrient optimization, and gentle training techniques. Adherence to these guidelines will not only protect your plants but also ensure a bountiful and high-quality harvest.

gorilla cookies auto from fastbuds

Flavour of Gorilla Cookies Auto

Gorilla Cookies Auto, a standout strain in the King’s Seedbank repertoire, offers a flavor experience that is as intricate as it is delightful. This strain’s profile is a symphony of tastes, masterfully blending the richness of classic kush with the refreshing undertones of earthy mint. Each inhale brings a subtle yet unmistakable sweetness, reminiscent of freshly baked cookies, enveloping the palate in a comforting embrace.

As the smoke is exhaled, a more complex character reveals itself. Notes of hazelnut meld seamlessly with earthy tones, creating a signature taste that is both unique and memorable. This particular flavor composition makes Gorilla Cookies Auto an ideal choice for those who appreciate a smooth yet potent smoking experience.

The true essence of this strain’s flavor is best revealed when the buds are properly cured. This careful process enhances the aromatic qualities, ensuring that each smoke is not just an act of consumption, but a sensory journey. The resulting smoke is richly aromatic, leaving a lasting impression that is both satisfying and distinctive.

In sum, Gorilla Cookies Auto presents a well-rounded and gratifying flavour profile, crafted to captivate and impress even the most discerning of cannabis aficionados. It stands as a testament to the art of breeding and cultivation, a flavour experience that is both balanced and deeply fulfilling.

Buy Gorilla Cookies Auto Cannabis Seeds UK From Kings Seedbank as souvenirs only and preserve the genetics for future generations.

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