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LSD-25 Autoflower From Fast Buds


LSD-25 auto has been used by growers around the world as a potent and fast-flowering strain.

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lsd-25 auto from fast budslsd-25 auto from fast buds
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Fast Buds Lsd-25 Autoflower is a fast producer and easy to grow strain, with a rapid turn around time from seed to harvest at 9-10 weeks. This is perfect for first time growers or anyone who wants a quick harvest. With THC levels above 21%, she packs on some serious weight and size in her short flowering period of 63-65 days. Highly desirable for her intoxicating aromas like diesel fuel and smoked wood that leave you floating in a cerebral time warp.

LSD-25 Bud Description

With an amazing chunky and swollen appearance, this Indica dominant strain is one of the best strains you will come across. Also known as LSD-25 auto, this strain has an amazing bag appeal and leaves patients mesmerized. The flowers are colourful and beautiful with shades of violet, magenta and pink. The stems on this strain are thick and can be really impressive to behold. The buds are tightly packed together like that of a porcupine and have tiny but tightly packed trichomes that shine bright in the light.

fast buds lsd-25 autoflower

LSD-25 Effects

The LSD-25 Autoflower is a very high-scoring indica dominant auto that can deliver a full-body stoney high. Despite her Indica traits, she’s somewhat of a potent psychedelic as well and blasts you into another dimension and keeps you there. Best suited for smokers with a high tolerance, those who enjoy high concentration levels and spurts of creativity, and anyone seeking to medicate for mental disorders like anxiety or depression.

Plant Appearance

LSD 25 auto seeds from Fast Buds is a cross between an Afghani Indica that was kept in the original Big Buddha Seeds collection and a dominant auto-flowering strain. This plant grows to between 70–120cm and is easy to grow. Although rather tall, she produces medicinal and narcotic properties suitable for those seeking relief from pain or insomnia. Great yields can be achieved in just 9–10 weeks, you will be rewarded with 400–500gr/m2 when grown indoors in a hydroponic setup.

She has a predominately Sativa mix of genetics which makes it possible to grow different phenotypes during each flowering stage, all ending up as highly medicinally potent flowers worthy of taking home and showing off. She reacts very well to plant training methods such as ScrOG (Screen of Green) or LST (Low Stress Training). When grown outdoors you can expect yields of around 600gr/plant!

In conclusion LSD-25 Auto has everything you need to become a legendary grower: Great quality medicine, fast flowering times and huge crops along with remarkable resin profiles that are sure to appeal to the connoisseur”.

lsd 25 from fast buds

Fast Buds LSD-25 Strain Tips

If you love a big drink and plenty of them, our LSD-25 auto strain is your girl. We recommend feeding more frequently than you would with other strains, as she’s such an aggressively fast producer. Tying her down in the first few weeks will really impact the total number of flowering sites so be sure to go easy on the nitrogen especially during flowering.

Before harvest, her buds transform into a beautiful, royal purple colour so there is no need to give her cold treatments to bring out the purple pigment that is so commercially desirable. For those seeking that infamous purple extract, be sure to press her in her fresh form.”

Flavour Profile

Bold, diesel, chemical taste with just a hint of red wine that can be described as burnt wood and incense. After lighting a joint, the room will quickly become masked with a fuel, gassy, earthy fragrance that is mildly pungent and long-lasting.

Buy LSD-25 Auto From Kings Seedbank as souvenirs only and preserve the genetics for future generations.

Additional information

Breeders: No selection

Fast Buds

CBD Content: No selection

Low 0-1%

Environment: No selection

Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor

Flowering Time: No selection

9-10 weeks

Flowering Type: No selection


Genetics: No selection

Mainly Indica

Height: No selection


Medicinal: No selection


Seeds Per Pack: No selection

1, 10, 3, 5

THC Content: No selection

Very High Over 20%

Yield: No selection



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