West Coast OG Auto From Fast Buds


West Coast OG is the perfect strain to grow if you love classic genetics, like the original OG Kush for example.

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A stabilized autoflowering take on a classic OG Kush. This potent Indica tops out at around 21% THC and is one of Fast Buds’ first cup winning genetics. A classic strain that any grower will fall in love with. A good choice for new growers looking to grow a potent and classic strain without too much fuss.

West Coast OG buds from Fast Buds are a delicious treat for any lover of the taste of OG Kush. With a pungent aroma, these bright green buds are covered in a dense layer of crystals that give them an almost fluffy appearance. Like your favourite sugary donut these buds will stick to your fingers, but luckily they leave behind sprinkles of crystals wherever you leave it so make sure to have a recipient ready!

west coast og auto white crystals

The West Coast OG from Fast Buds is a fantastic strain of marijuana that will put you into the ‘go go go’ mood. This strain has a very earthy smell and taste, which might be less appealing to some users. However, like we said earlier, this is one of those strains that will make you feel like you can take over the world. That said, these effects aren’t sedative, and will most likely leave you giggling watching some Comedy Central or your favourite sitcom.

West-Coast-OG-auto cola

West Coast OG is the perfect strain to grow if you love classic genetics, like the original OG Kush for example. This plant grows at a medium pace and looks like any other OG Kush, but it has a bigger main cola and more dense bud sites.

She produces up to 650g/m2 and her yields will be even better with some LST or SCROG techniques. West Coast OG also has that typical Kush taste we all love so much, but because we crossed her with another OG we managed to get rid of that typical ‘chemical’ taste of some older strains. Overall an easy going plant that’s great for newbies and pros looking for classic genetics alike!

Buy West Coast OG Cannabis Seeds UK for souvenir or genetic preservation.

Additional information

Breeders: No selection

Fast Buds

CBD Content: No selection

Low 0-1%

Environment: No selection

Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor

Flowering Time: No selection

8-9 weeks

Flowering Type: No selection


Genetics: No selection

Mainly Indica

Height: No selection


Medicinal: No selection


Seeds Per Pack: No selection

1, 10, 3, 5

THC Content: No selection

Very High Over 20%

Yield: No selection



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