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Bruce Banner Autoflower From Fast Buds


Bruce Banner Auto Cannabis Seeds are a real powerhouse! With a whopping 25% of THC, they offer a strong and potent high even to the more experienced consumers. These seeds produce huge plants.

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bruce banner auto from fast budsbruce banner auto from fast buds
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Introducing the Bruce Banner Autoflower Cannabis Seeds – an incredible strain with a whopping 25% THC! It’s a monster-sized auto that reaches up to 150cm, perfect for commercial extractors and hash makers due to its impressive resin production. Whether you’re an avid consumer or not, Bruce Banner promises to be remarkably relaxing so you can stay stress-free throughout the day.

bruce banner autoflower cannabis plant

Bruce Banner Auto Strain Information

Bruce Banner Auto is known for being highly productive with up to 600 grams per metre square and an impressive 25% THC content. This hybrid has slight Sativa dominance and takes 10-11 weeks to reach harvest. It can grow up to 110-150cm tall, produces bright green buds, carries a terpene blend of sweet, berries, and diesel with a delicious taste coating your mouth after every hit, making it ideal for extractions.

Bud Description

Bruce Banner Auto’s buds are very light green in color and contain dark brown hairs. It is known for producing high levels of sticky resin which can coat the buds and make them look completely white. This strain has a unique, complex aroma consisting of fresh forest berries, diesel terpenes, and a hint of sweetness that will delight all cannabis connoisseurs.

Watch Bruce Banner Auto Strain Report

Smoke Report

The Bruce Banner Auto Smoke Report describes this strain as perfect for those who need to rid themselves of excess stress and focus, or even reduce their anxiety. With just the first hit, one can expect to enter into a happy, relaxed state of mind, improved creativity and a far more calming flow throughout the day. It’s great for eliminating negativity, aiding in reducing pain and clearing away distractions so you can get back to your daily tasks with ease.

Plant Appearance

Bruce Banner Auto cannabis plants have a remarkable appearance. They showcase tall, bushy structure and thin-fingered fan leaves that come out from each corner of the plant. The main cola can get as high as 150cm and is surrounded by several side branches. This strain has a unique hybrid character – it’s tall but also has a compact structure, which makes it ideal for any level of grower despite its height. Moreover, the side branches are well-covered in buds by harvest time!

buy bruce banner auto cannabis seeds uk

Grow Tips

Growing Bruce Banner cannabis can be especially rewarding, but it does have its challenges. When planning your grow, make sure to have plenty of space for the plant as Bruce Banner strains tend to grow very large and bushy. Consider using a screening technique like scrog to better manage the space and allow light to reach all areas of the plant. Additionally, trimming buds requires a lot of preparation as these buds will become coated with thick layers of resin. Make sure you have a trim bin ready for when harvesting!


Experience the complex flavours of Bruce Banner Auto with its gassy terpene profile, giving off notes of sweetness and fresh berry balanced with earthy undertones. As soon as you light up, you’ll find an array of sweetness bursting through the smoke, best enjoyed when grinding up the nugs. Enjoy all the unique flavours without the high citrus terps for a smooth smoking session.

Buy Bruce Banner Auto Cannabis Seeds UK From Kings Seedbank as souvenirs only and preserve the genetics for future generations.

Additional information

Breeders: No selection

Fast Buds

CBD Content: No selection

Low 0-1%

Environment: No selection

Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor

Flowering Time: No selection

10-11 weeks

Flowering Type: No selection


Genetics: No selection

Mainly Sativa

Height: No selection


Seeds Per Pack: No selection

1, 10, 3, 5

THC Content: No selection

Very High Over 20%

Yield: No selection


Medicinal: No selection



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