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Purple Ghost Candy Feminised Seeds from Seedsman- 27% THC


Looking for a plant that’s a breeze to cultivate while still delivering top-notch quality? Look no further than the purple ghost candy! This strain is not only potent and highly resinous, making it perfect for extracts, but it also boasts high levels of 27% THC. Plus, it’s a high-yielding gem that even connoisseurs will appreciate. 

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purple ghost candy seedsmanpurple ghost candy seedsman
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Purple Ghost Candy is a thrilling blend of Ghost OG and the top-notch Purple strain called Candyland Purple. With a 60% sativa and 40% indica genetic makeup, these plants are both sizable and simple to cultivate, whether you prefer indoor or outdoor growing. Prepare to be amazed by the copious resin production and alluring terpene profile of this strain, making it an absolute must for extract enthusiasts. Get ready to experience the magic of Purple Ghost Candy!

How Purple Ghost Candy Grows

Plants, like the resilient purple ghost candy, are known for their robust nature and vigorous growth, sprouting with abundant branches. To optimize their development, providing some support for the lateral branches of these large plants can be advantageous, especially considering their potential height of 250 to 350 cm in outdoor environments. Indoor cultivators, unless equipped with ample space and headroom, are recommended to minimize the vegetative growth phase before flowering. However, implementing a SCRoG set-up is a great option. It not only reduces the plant’s height but also exposes more bud sites to optimal light penetration, resulting in even heftier yields.

purple ghost candy strain

Indoors, the plants reach heights of 130-160 cm and take around 70-84 days to complete flowering. Growers can expect yields of 500-600 gr/m2, which is quite rewarding. Outdoors, in the northern hemisphere, the harvest takes place in mid-October. Each plant can yield between 700-900 gr, which is impressive.

One notable feature is the abundance of large, golden resin crystals that start appearing just a week or two into the flowering stage. These crystals stick to the buds like glue and emit a long-lasting scent. The top colas of the plant display a stunning explosion of colors, starting with lime green and transitioning into shades of yellow, red, and orange. The tips of the colas turn dark red/purple, adding either a soft, pastel gloss or a vibrant shine. By the end of the flowering stage, the buds resemble a pink lemonade hue, reminiscent of a warm yellow-orange sunset with a touch of velvety matte pink-purple.

purple ghost candy under lights

At around 8 weeks, the feeding and ventilation needs of the plants reach their highest point. After that, the nutrient requirements gradually decrease. In the final week, it is recommended to flush the plants with chilled water, as the colder temperatures help enhance the development of vibrant colors. The dried and cured buds exhibit a delightful combination of lime green and purple pastel hues, while maintaining a medium density. When consumed, the inhalation experience is gentle and mild, thanks to the abundant resin content. The resulting smoke or vapor forms thick, dense clouds. It’s like enjoying a friendly puff of purple ghost candy.

Purple Ghost Candy Taste, Smell, And Effect

Purple Ghost Candy is characterized by its familiar OG strain scent with a spicy and earthy flavor profile. It also offers hints of lemon and peach. When you first try it, you’ll notice a combination of lemon-lime soda and a refreshing peach-mint taste. The exhale leaves a crisp and fruity aftertaste reminiscent of peach and grape candy. It’s like indulging in peach ring candies with a touch of grape and lemon-lime candies – a truly refreshing and fruity experience.

Purple ghost candy terpene profile

With a THC content of 27.54% and low CBD levels, Purple Ghost Candy is highly potent. It delivers a strong physical effect while also providing a mentally stimulating experience. It’s the ideal strain for unwinding and relaxing after a long day.

The outstanding qualities of Purple Ghost Candy make it a great contender for cup competitions, whether you’re showcasing the buds themselves or extracts and concentrates.

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Buy Purple Ghost Candy Cannabis Seeds UK safely for souvenir or genetic preservation purposes.

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