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Fuel D. OG Feminised Seeds from Seedsman


Fuel D. OG feminised seeds from Seedsman produce stretchy but robust plants with very good yields, high THC levels of 22% and an intense flavour. Her sedative effect is best for night-time. 

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Fuel D.OG from seedsmanFuel D.OG from seedsman
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Fuel D. OG is the result of combining two incredibly popular and celebrated strains from the USA – Chemdog (a crossbreed of Sour Diesel and OG Kush) and Fuel OG (a blend of Diesel and HeadBand). This 70% sativa, 30% indica hybrid offers impressive yields both indoors and outdoors, and boasts exceptional resin and THC production.

Fuel D.OG takes the beloved qualities of Chemdog to new heights, with a sturdier plant structure and an intensified flavor profile. Additionally, it showcases larger calyxes compared to its Chemdog predecessor.

fuel d og trichomes

How Fuel D. OG Grows

This strain is incredibly forgiving and perfect for growers with less experience. Its tough appearance is marked by a strong central stem that remains sturdy even during the flowering stage, despite the sativa stretch it goes through. In the vegetative growth phase, the leaves resemble indica foliage, with thick, overlapping blades. The plants emit a gentle citrus fragrance with hints of fuel and Skunk. The main stem is surrounded by large, spear-shaped buds that resemble a crown. When grown outdoors in ideal conditions, these plants can reach heights of up to 350 cm.

Fuel D.OG is a high-yielding strain that thrives when grown indoors. In just 65-70 days of flowering, you can expect impressive yields ranging from 450-600 gr/m2. You’ll notice the buds developing resin as early as the third week. By utilizing techniques like adjusting the light schedule during the flowering stage or employing the SCRoG method, you can easily manage the plant’s height indoors. Outdoors, each plant has the potential to produce large, sticky buds, with harvests ready by early October in the northern hemisphere. With its abundance of trichomes, rich terpene profile, and top-notch resin quality, Fuel D.OG is an excellent option for extract and concentrate enthusiasts.

fuel d og seedsman

Buds of the fuel d. og strain start off as dense, dark green nuggets but gradually transition to a lighter shade of yellow or lime green as they mature. The plants have a voracious appetite and reach their peak nutrient absorption during the 6th week of flowering. However, it’s important to gradually reduce feeding and give them a final flush in the last week before harvest. Once dried and properly cured, the buds showcase impressive solidity and boast the growth of sizeable calyxes.

Fuel D. OG Taste, Smell and Effect

Fuel D.OG offers a robust OG Kush flavour that surpasses its Chemdog parent, featuring an enhanced diesel taste alongside a prominent pine profile complemented by hints of citrus, lemon, and grapefruit. Its aroma leans towards a Skunky and garlic-like scent, which translates into a lingering aftertaste. With a potent THC content of 22.8% and minimal CBD levels, this strain delivers a highly relaxing experience that gradually transitions into a long-lasting, sedative stone. It is best enjoyed during evenings, unless there are no pressing tasks at hand.

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