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Mimosa Auto From TasteBudz – 21% THC


Mimosa Auto: Anytime is perfect for this citrus burst‚ÄĒenergizing, uplifting, with robust genetics that simplify cultivation.

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Introducing Mimosa Auto, the epitome of citrus perfection and genetic reliability. This vibrant autoflower is the result of merging two of the world’s most celebrated citrus strains, delivering an experience that is as delightful as it is robust.

Mimosa Auto exudes a potent tangerine aroma, a nod to her Orange Bud heritage, known for its simplicity in cultivation and bountiful THC crystals. Her lineage combines Orange Punch and Lemon Haze Auto, offering growers a blend of stability and citrus burst.

With an 80-100 cm stature, Mimosa Auto is perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, adjusting flexibly to various environments. Flowering within just 50-80 days, this strain is not only swift but also remarkably productive, yielding 500-600 g/m².

mimosa auto from tastebudz at kings seedbank

Her flavour is an exhilarating mix of tangy lemon tart and fresh orange zest, reminiscent of a refreshing lemonade. The sativa-dominant effects enhance this sensory experience, promoting energy and motivation with an upbeat high that gradually transitions to a state of wellbeing and calm. This makes Mimosa Auto particularly effective for those managing mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

The visual appeal is striking‚ÄĒdense, cone-shaped buds covered with milky-white trichomes and bright orange pistils that stand out against the vibrant green calyxes.

For optimal results, it is recommended to cultivate in a complex, nutrient-rich soil medium that supports the plant through its growth stages and maximizes terpene content.

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Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor

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7-11 Weeks

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Mainly Sativa

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