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Mack and Crack Feminised From Seed Stockers Superior Fem Collection


Mack & Crack are highly potent feminised cannabis seeds that are known for their exceptional strength. With THC levels reaching around 30%, these seeds come from award-winning strains. 

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SSS_Mack and Crack FeminisedSSS_Mack and Crack Feminised
Mack and Crack Feminised From Seed Stockers Superior Fem Collection £35.00£52.00
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Mack and Crack Feminised Seeds from Seedstockers are known for producing some of the most potent feminized cannabis seeds in the Seedstockers Superior collection. These seeds have THC levels of around 30%, making them incredibly strong. The genetics of these seeds come from award-winning strains like Green Crack and Miracle Alien Cookies, ensuring consistently heavy and highly potent harvests. The flowering time for these seeds is approximately 10-11 weeks under a 12/12 light cycle.

SSS_Mack and Crack Feminised

Mack & Crack has a Rich citrus/gassy taste and a nuclear high

Mack & Crack is known for its potent and unique aroma. The dominant terpene, Limonene, gives the buds a fresh citrus scent, while high levels of Myrcene, Linalool, and Caryophyllene contribute to a powerful fuel/gassy aroma. This combination creates an appealing balance between delicate sweetness and raw pungency. As the buds age in jars, the aroma only improves, providing a more enjoyable experience.

In terms of potency, Seedstockers Mack and Crack is one of the few feminized strains that can reach levels of up to 30%. This high potency is reflected in the dense trichome coating on the buds. However, it’s important to note that not everyone may feel comfortable with such powerful buds. A little goes a long way, and even experienced smokers may find it challenging to finish a joint if it’s overfilled with too much weed. Novice smokers should approach Mack & Crack with caution and start with smaller amounts.

Mack & Crack feminised seeds really are better suited to the hardcore smoker with higher tolerance levels looking for something to really hit the spot in the evening. For such growers there are few finer alternatives! The high is notoriously powerful and log-lasting. Just remember that a small bud goes a long way with such high cannabinoid levels.

Buy Mack and Crack Feminised Cannabis Seeds UK from Kings Seedbank for souvenir, genetic preservation or storage purposes.

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