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Double Kush Cake From Sensi Seeds Research


Double Kush Cake is a phenomenal cross of Afghani #1, Hindu Kush and Skunk Kush! This blend will melt you into the sofa. 

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Double Kush Cake is a hybrid strain that’s heavy with earthy flavours and aroma. Its parental lineage includes Afghani #1, Hindu Kush, and Skunk Kush. Double Kush Cake Feminized grows well in temperate and continental climates. This delicious bud has a delicate balance between Indica’s calming qualities and Sativa’s energetic buzz, making it a potent choice for unwinding after stressful days

Double Kush Cake Strain Information

Double Kush Cake is 65% Indica, 35% sativa. The parent plants are Hindu Kush, Afghani #1, and Skunk Kush. Unsurprisingly, it’s the two Kush varieties that give this new strain its name. Double Kush Cake has an average flowering time of about eight weeks (indoors), so growers won’t need to wait too long to gather their harvest.

The Indica dominance means that the plants remain compact, regardless of whether they’re grown indoors or outside. This is ideal for those who want to cultivate the plants without them attracting a lot of attention. They’re classically Indica in appearance too: bushy and squat, with plentiful side branches and a sturdy central cola.

Growers particularly appreciate Double Kush Cake’s generous yields, and it’s possible to generate excellent harvests without too much effort. The buds are large and weighty, and covered in sticky resin.


If growing the plants outside, make sure they’re in a temperate or continental climate, as this will ensure the best possible results. They also grow well inside, under lights. The strain is ideal for experimental growers who like trying out varied cultivation techniques, with the plants responding well to SOG (Sea of Green), SCROG (Screen of Green), lollipopping, and supercropping.

Effect, taste, and smell of Double Kush Cake Feminised

The strain is Indica-dominant, and this is not only clear in the appearance of the plants, but their resulting high too. Users can anticipate a deeply soothing stone, and a sense of full-body relaxation. There’s also a hint of sativa buzz, which provides a subtle uplift.

The scent of Double Kush Cake Feminized is earthy, dank and hashy, with mouth-watering notes of sweetness. Be aware, this smell intensifies as the plants mature, and growers often recommend cultivating them in a well-ventilated area. The flavour is similarly sweet, earthy and intense.

Did you know?

  • It takes its name from its double-Kush parentage – Skunk Kush and Hindu Kush
  • It’s a compact strain, which makes it a viable option for discreet growing
  • The strain was developed as part of Sensi Seeds’ 2021 Research Project
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