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Auto Melonade Runtz From Dutch Passion – Upto 25% THC – Rich in Terpenes


Auto Melonade Runtz: XL yields, potent effects, and a unique terpene profile in just 11 weeks. Parents Auto Pink Runtz and Melonade (Lemon Z x Lemon Tree)

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Auto Melonade Runtz autoflower seeds bring together the best of Runtz and Melonade genetics, resulting in a powerful and pungent strain that is ideal for any grower, including beginners. This hybrid autoflower flourishes in soil, coco-fibre, and hydroponic systems, offering an XL yield with an average seed-to-harvest time of 11 weeks.

This robust hybrid plant grows with good branching and produces sturdy, compact buds with a unique terpene profile. Expect a delightful fruity and creamy aroma with a sweet, tropical taste. The high THC content, often reaching up to 25%, ensures potent effects that are both relaxing and long-lasting.

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The genetics of Auto Melonade Runtz come from crossing an Auto Pink Runtz mother with a Melonade father, blending the legendary Lemon Zkittle and Lemon Tree lineage. The result is a stable, high-yielding plant with a striking appearance and a terpene profile rich in farnesene, limonene, and linalool.

Auto Melonade Runtz is a medium-sized plant, typically reaching its full potential in 11 weeks indoors and slightly longer outdoors. The plant’s structure allows for easy light penetration, promoting well-developed buds even at the lower branches. This makes it perfect for natural growth or SOG setups.

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Growers will appreciate the ease with which Auto Melonade Runtz can be cultivated, thanks to its resilient genetics and rapid growth cycle. Whether you’re growing in a controlled indoor environment or outdoors, this strain promises bountiful harvests and a top-notch end product.

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Dutch Passion

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Low 0-1%

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Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor

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11 weeks

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1, 3, 7

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