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best outdoor autoflower

Royal Harvests: Top 10 Outdoor Autoflowers for Your Kingdom

Outdoor autoflower cannabis strains capture the interest of cultivators for their intrinsic ability to seamlessly shift from vegetative growth to flowering, independent of light cycle modifications. This characteristic is especially beneficial for novices or those desiring a rapid and straightforward cultivation process. However, it’s imperative to acknowledge the legal context surrounding cannabis cultivation, which is […]

indica v sativa terpenes

The Royal Rundown: Indica v Sativa Terpenes and Their Kingdom of Effects

Welcome to the enlightening realm of Kings Seedbank, where the Indica V Sativa Terpenes debate takes center stage, guiding our noble enthusiasts through a journey of discovery. Here, we not only curate the world’s most regal seed collections but also delve deep into the genetic wisdom of cannabis. Today, we venture through the lush valleys […]

420 events uk - what is 420

What Is 420 and Why Do People Celebrate It?

That day is coming. The day of cannabis: 420 (or 4-20 or 4:20). So you wan’t to know what is 420? It’s a time to celebrate. It is also a day to reflect on all we’ve achieved with previous victories and look ahead to future victories and victories in general. To celebrate 420, let’s help […]

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