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Puff Mints from Perfect Tree – 8 Weeks – Cali


Experience the sublime with Puff Mints – where sweet, creamy notes blend with potent effects, crafting a relaxing yet balanced Indica experience. 6 Feminised Seeds in Each Pack See More Perfect Tree 

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Puff Mints from Perfect Tree - 8 Weeks - Cali £59.50
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Introducing Puff Mints by Perfect Tree, a masterful blend of two world-class cultivars, forging an Indica-dominant hybrid known for its terpene-rich, relaxing properties. Originating from a specially selected Kush Mints F2 by Seed Junky Genetics, this strain stands out as a true Hashish Queen, displaying an extraordinary frost that hints at its potent potential.

The allure of Puff Mints is not just in its visual appeal but also in its flavour profile. Combining sweet, doughy cookie tones with creamy undertones, Puff Mints strain offers a taste experience that steers clear of the toasted notes its breeders prefer to avoid. The influence of the multiple cup-winning Jet A reversal adds a robust, gaseous edge, enhancing the strain’s complexity.


Perfect for those who appreciate a balance in their Indica strains, she is neither overly sedative nor too light. It’s perfectly positioned to provide a deeply relaxing effect without the knockout punch, making it ideal for daytime or evening use. Its resin production is remarkably high, with trichomes readily cascading from the plant, a dream for hash makers and extract enthusiasts.

Growing this strain is a pleasure, thanks to its easy cultivation and pleasant handling. The plants grow stocky and maintain a small to medium stature, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. With a flowering time of just 8 weeks and an early October finish outdoors, Puff Mints is as efficient as it is luxurious.

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Additional information

Cup Winner



Flowering Type




THC Content

Very High Over 20%

CBD Content

Low 0-1%


Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor


Mainly Indica



Flowering Time

8-9 weeks

Seeds Per Pack