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Gushlava By Nasha Genetics


Gushlava Strain combines the genetics of some of the most loved Cali strains – Wedding Cake X Gelato X Gushers! This Indica Dominant Hybrid gives High Yields and High THC. See More Nasha Genetics 

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Gushlava From Nasha GeneticsGushlava From Nasha Genetics
Gushlava By Nasha Genetics £80.00
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Gushlava is a unique and potent cannabis strain from Nasha Genetics. This strain is the result of crossing three popular Cali strains: Wedding Cake, Gushers, and Gelato 41.

  1. Genetics: Hybrid strain created by combining three well-known strains – Wedding Cake, Gushers, and Gelato 41. These parent strains contribute to the overall aroma, flavour, and effects of Gushlava.
  2. Appearance: One of the distinguishing features of Gushlava is the slightly coloured flowers. Enjoy shades of purple, blue, or even pink. The unique coloration can add to the visual appeal of the buds.
  3. Aroma: This strain emits a creamy and sweet aroma. Her terpene profile gives off these delightful scents.
  4. Flavours: The creamy and sweet flavours are complemented by an earthy aroma. The combination of these flavours can create a complex and enjoyable taste profile. The specific terpenes present in the strain contribute to these flavour notes.
  5. Effects: Induces relaxation and euphoria. This indicates that the strain likely has a balanced combination of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, along with various terpenes that contribute to these effects. The relaxation and euphoria are typical effects of many hybrid strains.
  6. Flowering Time: This feminised variety will flower relatively quickly in just 65-70 Days.

Overall, Gushlava appears to be a well-crafted hybrid strain that combines desirable traits from its parent strains.

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Additional information

Seeds Per Pack



Nasha Genetics

THC Content

Very High Over 20%

CBD Content

Low 0-1%





Flowering Type


Flowering Time

9-10 weeks


Mainly Indica


Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor